Knowledge Traditions

Shilajit – Himalayan Rock

Triphala – The Ayurvedic remedy

Kashyapa Samhita An Introduction

Yoga Sutras: The Timeless darsana

Ashwagandha An Ayurvedic Herb

Visual and Material Arts

Ganjifa Cards – A Sawantwadi Art

Sawantwadi Toys – Colorful wooden art

Assam manuscript – A Delicate art

Warli Art The Art Of Storytelling

Dhokra Shilp The Lost Wax Technique

Pahari miniature Hand held art

Surendranagar Single Ikat

Naga Basket – Weaving in action

Performing Arts

Shobhillu Saptaswara – Beyond music

Ghatam – the making of the percussion

Dholak The making of the beats

Thiruppugazh Kautuvam A Divine Offering

Mohanam – A Musical Journey

Veena – The Divine Instrument

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