Christian Frost

Christian Frost is Head of Filmmaker Liaison. Christian has been working in Hollywood for nearly 20 years in marketing and creative print at DreamWorks and Paramount.  What makes Christian unique is his absolute passion for India and his ability to talk to anyone anywhere. Christian received a B.A. in Anthropology with an emphasis on Indian studies from Brigham Young University and is currently pursuing his Masters in Asian Studies. He has traveled extensively to India and made friends with some of Bollywood’s elite. Christian is also a filmmaker and a content creator and has several projects in the works from feature films to TV series.  He also has a YouTube channel called Uncle Frosty-Ji where his entertaining and informative interviews and travelogues bring a fresh perspective to Indian culture.

Rajeswari Udayagiri

Rajeswari Udayagiri is Head of Media Relations. Rajeswari has deep respect for Indian culture and traditions and takes great pride in her heritage and ethnicity. An accomplished theatre artist, Rajeswari is the Director and Founder of Sarasiji Theaters, an organization dedicated to Telugu dramas for the past 7 years. Currently, Sarasija Theaters has several projects on the anvil. Coming from a family of writers, Rajeswari aspires to nurture and grow her own talent and skills besides working towards passing on her understanding of the real India to future generations. With multiple achievements in radio, television, and cinema as an anchor, actor, voice over artist, Rajeswari also owns and operates Radio Surabhi, a radio station in Dallas.

Sumeet Borwankar

Sumeet Borwankar is Head of Operations and Project Management. Sumeet was at the forefront when the most significant Indian cinema fan and filmmaker blogging site PassionForCinema, was launched in 2006. He acted as a counselor, advisor, and chief editor for the microblogging site. He was the curator, programmer for many first of its kind initiatives on PassionForCinema like One Minute Film Festival, Poster Contest, PFCPitcher. Sumeet was instrumental in running an intern program iView on PFC, which gave the Indian Film Industry directors, technicians, writers who went on to garner national film awards and several international awards. He lives in Dallas Metro and enjoys cinema, traveling the world, reading, debating cricket, and satellite poker.

Bhaskar Rayavaram

Bhaskar Rayavaram is Head of Social Media and Publicity at Indica Pictures. Bhaskar is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned IT professional with 25+ years of experience helping various businesses to drive their digital transformation strategies. Passionate about film, radio and drama, Bhaskar has hosted many radio programs, performed in many theatrical appearances and wrote a number of scripts for children’s stage plays. With an MBA from UT Dallas JSOM, and as a volunteer Vice President for Silicon Andhra ManaBadi, Bhaskar brings in vast digital marketing experience along with digital education expertise . Passionate about story telling, Bhaskar runs a YouTube channel focusing on creating variety of infotainment content to create and propagate positive energy and social good around the world.

Nikita Hattangady

Nikita Vyas Hattangady is Head of Programming at Indica Pictures. Nikita is a writer and filmmaker in the DFW metroplex in Texas, USA. She completed her writing and directing debut, a British comedy set in London, in July of this year. She is currently in pre-production of her second film venture as a writer and director. Nikita is an advisory board member of ISOFEST, a new international film, and arts festival based in New Delhi, India. She was a member of the program selection committee for the DFW South Asian Film Festival, a five year internationally recognized festival. She authored and illustrated a children’s book on diversity in America, We Are American, that is used in various school districts as a teaching tool. Nikita’s greatest passions are spending time with her family, storytelling, and learning new cultures and has had the great fortune of traveling and living across the world. She has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration.

Gayatri Iyer

Gayatri Iyer is a curator and creator of Ultra Short Films. She is an eternal artist & traveler with a mission to discover the unknown, lost and beautiful parts of herself while also discovering the true meaning of her roots of being an Indian in today's context. A free spirited yogini with a deep love for yoga, India, theater, food, watercolors, story-telling evident through her book, Life's Macchiato: A collection of your stories. A lot of her passions saw the light through her start-ups of Chef In A Box, Ahem Stationery & Arts, theater production Unrest, travel and creative consultancy. The list has not ended and would never end!

Danji Thotapalli

Danji Thotapalli is Chief Curator at Indica Pictures. He is a senior global technology sourcing professional with a passion for cinema. Having spent the past 10 years at major Hollywood studios – previously at NBC Universal and currently at Sony Pictures – Danji understands the power of film and the extent of its reach. In addition to working in Hollywood, Danji has been associated with the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles for about 12 years, and comes with a deep insight into all facets of running a film festival such as community outreach, sponsorship/funding, event management, programming and media relations. Currently, Danji volunteers as a Vice President at ManaBadi, a reputed Telugu-language school in the US, and responsible for ideation and implementation of value-added curricular and extra-curricular programs. Danji is passionate about pre-Buddhist Andhra history, and enjoys immersive experiences that blend modernity with tradition.

Hari Kiran

Hari Kiran Vadlamani, is a social entrepreneur and founder of Indic Academy.